The power of failure

It’s a word which we associate with all things negative. Failure. And it’s one which we are generally told to banish from our thinking, from our vocabularies, because failure represents all that we don’t want to think about. We fail to succeed because we fear failure, we don’t take that next step because what if we fail? We might even have had it used against us – “you’re a total failure,”. Or perhaps even used it against someone else.  
And yet failure plays as much of a part in our daily lives as success. Not because we ourselves are failures, but because it’s simply the case that life isn’t one success after another after another.  
It’s a fact that you aren’t going to succeed at everything you try. It may be because of outside circumstances, or it may be because you’re not as equipped to achieve that goal as you could be, or it may simply be because your life is meant to take a different path, one which might become apparent in time.  
Even the most outwardly successful people aren’t successful at everything, but we look at their success and judge ourselves against it, and hence we consider ourselves to have failed.  
But what if you could look at the things you have failed to achieve as experiences to draw on and take you forward, rather than using them as barriers which hold you back from trying again?  
What if you could look at the goals which you want to achieve, and recognise that you might not actually be able to achieve them in the way you thought, but that won’t mean you’ve failed, it will simply mean you have to find different ways of getting what you want, or perhaps even finding different things to want?  
It’s not a failing to accept that sometimes, things won’t turn out the way you wanted them to.  
If all we ever had to do to achieve was to believe in success no-one would ever fail. While self belief is important, that self belief needs to include the ability to believe that whether you succeed or not, you can still move forward.  
Fear of failure is powerful, but being able to see failure as a part of life from which we can learn and move on is even more so.  


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