resolve to Succeed

Happy New Year.


It’s that time again when we all make resolutions to change something in our lives.  Maybe you want to lose weight, or give up drinking, or smoking, or find a job, or move house, the list is endless.


Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions, but the problem is that so often those resolutions have one thing in common – the inability to stick to them.  I’ll go one further in fact, and say that the one thing about New Year’s resolutions is that people wonder how long they can stick to them almost before they’ve started.


So what is the point in making a resolution when you know there’s not much chance you’re going to stick to it?


There are numerous articles out there talking about how quickly resolutions are broken, numerous people declare they are not making any resolutions because they won’t stick to them.  So in fact, the general idea of making a resolution at New Year is that one resolves to fail at whatever it is you want to succeed at.


If you believe that you will fail then you most likely will, because you’ve already started out from a negative mindset.  So why not instead resolve to succeed.  If you don’t feel that you can jump on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon, then why not just look at the things you want to achieve in the next weeks/months/year and aim to succeed in achieving those things.


Nobody wants to fail, but we are conditioned to set ourselves up to do so, especially if everyone else around us believes they will fail as well.  But you can set yourself up to succeed by firstly getting rid of the idea that there’s no point bothering to make a resolution because you’ll never stick to it.


Instead think of what it is you really want to achieve.  Not because of the pressure to have something, but because of what it is you have in your mind to want to achieve, and then start to think of the goals you need to set in order to achieve it.


The changes you want to make aren’t for the New Year, they’re for you.