who limits your beliefs?

Have you ever thought about where your negative beliefs come from?

So often we believe that we can’t do or achieve something, yet we rarely think about where that belief comes from, when in fact it often comes not from us, but from another source, someone close to us perhaps.

I have written before about limiting beliefs, where our own beliefs about ourselves can hold us back from the things we want to achieve. Believe that you can’t do something, and it’s likely you will never do it, not because you actually can’t, but because your belief that you can’t stops you from even trying.

But what happens when it’s not actually you that doesn’t believe in you, but someone else? What happens when that someone else projecting heir beliefs of you back on to you, until you too start to believe them? After all, if someone else says you can’t, then it’s likely that you can’t, right? especially if that someone is someone close to you, like a family member, a parent, a partner, someone you trust to have your best interests at heart, therefore you don’t consider that they actually are a negative influence on your beliefs.

We allow others to influence our self belief because we generally trust those people who are close to us. And yet so often it is those people who are closest to us who can do the most damage to our self belief. And in truth someone else can only have an impact on our self belief if we allow that to happen.

But think about a negative belief you have about yourself, think about how you feel about that, and then ask yourself where that belief comes from. Is it that you really believe it? or has that belief come from someone else? And if so, who is that person and why have you let them influence your beliefs? In short, who limits your beliefs?

The answer is simple, the person who limits your beliefs is you. Others may have an impact on how those limiting beliefs come about, after all none of us lives in isolation, and we will always take something from the influence of others. But the decision to allow someone else’s negative opinions and beliefs of us to hold us back is ultimately ours.

Once we recognise that we are the ones who hold ourselves back from achieving our goals, we can allow ourselves to not be influenced by the negative beliefs of others.

No-one else can hold you back, and you have the power to move forward.

Who limits your beliefs?