tomorrow never comes

“I’ll do it tomorrow,” is a phrase often used when thinking about something in our lives we need to do which might bring about change.  But why tomorrow?  Or next week? Or next month? Why not now?


In truth committing to start doing something at a later date means we have the ability to put it off for a bit longer.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that the change we wish to make will never happen, but all too often it happens that what we committed to do “tomorrow,” becomes “tomorrow,” when the day finally arrives, and so gets put back, and back, until time has run away and we could have actually been much further forward in our goals.


One of the biggest barriers to change is fear, and one of the best ways to avoid facing that fear is to avoid change.  So by putting off until tomorrow that which you could start today, you are putting off the need to face the fear until then.  And then, when tomorrow comes, you put it off again, until “tomorrow,” and then “tomorrow,” and it becomes a cycle which never ends because tomorrow never comes – it’s always today.


So what are you putting off and why?


What changes do you want to make in your life and why are you putting off making them?


If you know what it is you want to change, then you presumably also know what the barriers are that are stopping you from making those changes.  How can you overcome those barriers?  And what steps are you going to make today to do what you need to to begin to make the changes you want to make in your life.


You have the power to start to make those changes *today*.  Don’t put them off until tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes.