Who’s your greatest critic?

I asked the question, “who’s your greatest critic?” And the answers I got were numerous. Most said either their mother or father, and a couple said that they were in fact their own worst critic.

It is common to feel that there is someone in our life who is more critical of us than others, but it’s not so much the criticism that counts, as how we deal with it.

How easy is it to shake off criticism if it is a regular occurrence? After all, limiting beliefs can be easily created if we believe our critics, and if we are own worst critic it can feel impossible to break the self critical habits of a lifetime.

But ask yourself, when taking on the criticism of others what do you achieve? If you refused to take on such criticism how would that make you feel? It’s ok to not take on criticism from others; we may not be able to stop it, but we can take control of how we react to it.

And if you are a self critic? What is it that makes you feel that way? Imagine letting that self criticism, and the resulting beliefs go, how does that feel? If it feels good, then stop imagining and let them go.

Think about your world without the negative beliefs that criticism brings, and take the step today to turn criticism and negative beliefs into positive self belief.