Change is the journey of a lifetime

If you were going to plan the trip of a lifetime, where would you go?  Imagine planning it, looking at your destination, how would you get there? Car? Bus? Train? Plane? Boat?  What might be the things that might prevent you from going on your trip, are there any?


Often life changes are referred to as a “journey,” and this isn’t surprising when we consider that many changes we make in our lives do actually involve travel.


When we move house we hire a van to take us there, getting married involves travelling in a fancy car to your venue of choice, even bringing a baby home from hospital means getting into your car and making the journey home. And sometimes there are pitfalls along the way, things that make those changes and those journeys more interesting, or challenging, but not impossible.


Some of the biggest changes in my life started with actual journeys. Emigrating to another country, going to a new (boarding) school where I didn’t speak the language, returning back to this country several years later.  They were all huge changes in my life, changes which helped define me as a person, and they all started out with an actual journey.  And I have memories of those actual journeys, coming into land on the flight to our new country of residence, in a thunder storm; we hit an air pocket and dropped several thousand feet through the sky, with passengers screaming all around me.  No-one was hurt; it was just one of those events that sticks in my mind.  Although I never really liked flying after that.  Then shortly afterwards we landed in the country that became my home and formed a large part of my identity.


Driving to school I remember wondering what it would be like. How hard would it be going to a school where I didn’t speak the language.  Would I make friends?  How would I make friends if I didn’t speak the language?  And that was the beginning of a challenging time, but within six months I was bilingual, made a new set of friends and so began a new set of experiences which went on to shape the person I grew into.  And it all began with a journey.


So when you think about the changes you would like to make in your life, how could that journey start for you?  And where would you like it to end?  Of course a journey here is metaphorical, but it still indicates the movement from one part of your life into another, a transition period which will take you from the person you are now, through the changes you want to make in order to achieve the end goal you set for yourself.


Think about how you will plan your journey.  Think about where you want to go, and how you are going to get there.


The changes you want to make are your trip of a lifetime.


Start your journey today.