Don’t ask what if, ask what now?

What if you could do anything you wanted to?  What if you could flick a switch and all those things you have always dreamed about could suddenly become a reality?  And on the flip side, what if you’d never done that thing you didn’t mean to do, you know, which caused that other thing to happen that you didn’t want?


So often we ask ourselves “what if?” when actually what we should be asking is “what now?”  Think about it for a minute.


What if you hadn’t done that thing in the past, that thing you now wish you hadn’t?  Well, you could ask yourself that question, but in truth the answer wouldn’t provide the solution.  Because whatever it was, you’ve already done it.  It’s in the past, you can never take it back or undo it.  So even if you knew what the outcome would have been, asking “what if?” at this point in time has no impact.


So instead you need to ask “what now?”  The past has happened.  You can’t undo it, so now you need to look forward.  So what now?  What can you do now to ensure that things don’t happen again in the same way they did before? How can you move forward and achieve success? What is it you have to do?  What now?


What if you could do anything you wanted to?  Well quite.  What if you could?  Think about what it is you want to do, and then imagine how it would be if you could do it.


So what do you have to do now in order to be where you were just now, when you were imagining what if?  You know what it is you want to achieve, so what do you have to do to achieve it?  What now?


Once you have the answer to “what now?” you have the first steps towards moving forward, and achieving the results you want.


So don’t ask yourself “what if?” because while it may give you some insight, it won’t help you achieve.


Ask yourself “what now?”