Do you love yourself?

It’s a classic line, often used to describe someone who we might consider to be arrogant, “oh he loves himself.”  The inference being that the individual being described clearly has such an over-inflated opinion of themselves as to be arrogant rather than confident.


But if you think about it, what is really wrong with loving yourself?  Not to the point that people feel you are arrogant and unpleasant, but at least to the point that you have a decent opinion of yourself and the person that you are.


We as human beings are social creatures.  We are not designed to exist in isolation, and therefore we aspire to be liked and accepted by others, and to be a part of a social group.


But if you don’t like yourself, can you really expect others to like you?  If you don’t love yourself, can you expect others to love you?


If you think about it, there must be one thing you like about yourself.  What is it?  And once you’ve thought of that one thing, can you think of something else?  If you don’t think there is, why is that?


We all have people in our lives that we love.  Friends, family, partners, but in truth loving others isn’t enough, you have to love yourself too.


Do you love yourself?


One thought on “Do you love yourself?

  1. Yes, finally I do. I love the child inside me who is so fragile and made mistakes as all others do. I love my body which never betrayed me. I love my spirit which is a survivor. So they are my best friends! do you love them?:)

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