What are you good at?

In a previous post, when I defined confidence, I defined it as “Not what you are good at, but how you feel about what you are good at.”


I stand by that principle, after all, if you’re not good at something, doesn’t mean that you can’t do it with confidence anyway.


But while confidence doesn’t need to be all about the things you are good at, it is none the less still important to know what those things are.  After all, we are all good at something, how ever insignificant that may appear to be, so why is it that we seem to be incapable of recognising or admitting that?


Recently I posted a message on twitter asking my followers to list one thing they are good at.  Out of the nearly 200 followers I have on my personal account, only two actually replied and listed something.  But I could list many more myself and tell you what they are good at.


I reposed the same question just before starting this post and thus far I have had another three responses.


So why is it that we are so reluctant to admit to the things that we are good at?  Yet I have little doubt that if I posted the question in reverse people would be quick enough to list the things they’re not good at.


In my own case, I had always viewed admitting to being good at something as arrogance, and yet I know that I am not an arrogant person.  And in some cases there are things that I am good at, but I didn’t have the confidence to believe that I am good enough to admit to being good at those things.


So why is it you can’t admit to the things you are good at?  You know you are good at something – everyone is.  You likely even know what it is, so why won’t you admit it?


Here’s the challenge:  Think about at least one thing you are good at, and then leave a comment underneath this post.


For my own part I know I am a good communicator.  I know that, even though I have had people tell me that I’m not.  By contrast I am a good keyboard player.  I never used to believe that, even though other people told me that I was.  But now I believe that I am.


Now it’s your turn.


What are you good at?


One thought on “What are you good at?

  1. just scrolling through your blog – i can’t believe no one has answered this one yet!! could it be that you’re right and people just don’t like answering that question?? how about you do the control test and ask for things people aren’t good at? i’d be curious to hear how that goes…
    as for me: i’m an amazing communicator, i am really good at helping people move forward from wherever they are, and i’m really good at being honest with myself when confronted with (unpleasant?) things…
    lots of love to all!!

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