Who’s your greatest influence?

Have you ever filled in an application form for a job, a competition, an event, and had to answer the question, “who is your greatest influence?”


We are all influenced by others, both in positive and negative terms, and this is never truer than when it comes to matters that impact on our own confidence and self worth.


If you tell someone often enough that they are good at something, and support them in being able to achieve their goals, eventually they will believe that they are good enough, because others think they are.  But by the same token if you tell someone that they are not good enough, eventually that belief will filter through to them, to the extent it will eventually impact their own self belief and confidence.


While confidence is all about who we are, and how we feel about the things we are capable of, the influence of others should not be underestimated.  Because it is only by realising that other people have an influence on how we feel about ourselves, that we can take the decision to either embrace those influences or disregard them, on the basis that they are not important.


Your confidence can only be affected by someone else if you allow it to be.  If you don’t believe you are good enough at something, no amount of people telling you that you are will change that.  But similarly, if you believe that you are good enough at something, other peoples’ negative beliefs and influences can only change that if you allow it to.


So, who is your greatest influence?


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